Tollwood Exhibitors helping Nepal – NOW!

is a fundraiser by a group of Tollwood exhibitors for 2015 Winter Tollwood Festival in cooperation with medihimal and the support of Tollwood GmbH.

earthquake in nepalThe devastating earthquake in April and May of this year was unimaginable and destroyed entire villages. Many people lost their belongings, not to mention how many their lives.

Even months after the disaster the country is coping as best as they can but because the effects of a natural event of this magnitude is disastrous mending towns cannot take place in just a few weeks, but may take many more months.  The constantly unstable power lines make having electricity and a stable telecommunications network challenging.
Therefore, the effects of the damage is longer than expected.

Tollwood exhibitors for years have maintained close (business) relations with Nepal and helped its people. But the disaster that currently exists exceeds our imagination.

Therefore, the exhibitors have organized a large-scale fundraiser during this year’s 2015 Winter Tollwood Festival.

In the Mercato tent booth #424 (the site which is generously made available by Tollwood GmbH) will have information of the actual situation in communities around Nepal and a collection box for donations will be available to fund various projects.
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The participating exhibitors will have the logo ‘We’re doing this!’

You can support us by various forms of donations.


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