...for kids and teenager

Sponsorships enable children from extremely poor families to attend school and are an investment in the future.

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As a sponsor at
medihimal you will ensure the livelihood of a child or teenager from the Himalayan culture.

It takes only 30 Euros per month to support a child in a sustainable way.

Through sponsoring a young student you can make a difference in someone’s life. When you decide to support a child you are laying the foundation for the child's future and you allow them the unique opportunity to shape their lives through education, creativity and self-initiative.

Sponsoring a child goes beyond the financial obligation. It offers one the opportunity to establish a link between different cultures and promotes intercultural understanding.

some advantages as a Sponsor:

  • YOU select whether you would like to sponsor a girl, boy or either
  • YOU decide whether to continue or not
  • YOU may select to support a project instead of an individual student
  • YOU decide if you prefer to support medihimal’s ‘Emergency Fund’

Our local Tutors visit schools and students in their region and provide us updates and progress reports for each student. In addition, every season medihimal staff attempt to visit schools and projects that we support.