Shree Marshyangdi Samudayik School

This school project is located west of Kathmandu in the region of Tanahu.

The municipality of Baradi/Aanbu2 is situated on Nepal's most important highway Kathmandu - Pokhara. The school itself is located in the woods at a height of 1.300 m and can only be reached by foot. The buildings of Shree Marshyangdi Samudayik School are in a very bad condition and the hygienic conditions are terrible. The measures projected by medihimal are the following: reconstruction of all existing rooms and rest rooms as well as a school kitchen.




Status Quo - 2011

thumb Baradi DSC06573Shree Marshyangdi Samudayik School currently consists of two run down buildings with a total of 7 class rooms and one office. There are about 200 enrolled students; half of them coming from extremely poor families. The headmaster and two teachers are being (lousily) paid by ministerial authorities. The school also employs 6 assistant teachers, whose salaries are partly being covered by tuition fees and party in kind.

All school buildings are in really bad shape and partly still bear bullet holes from former war times. The walls are moist, moldy and plaster is coming off. Only one class room is equipped with a fan, tables and forms. Class rooms are rather dark, there are no electric lights and the windows don’t have glass. One of the rooms is being used as Nursery Room for very small children - usually siblings of students who don’t have other day care options. The way to school varies from one to four hours. Students don’t have provisions during the whole school day. Also the rest rooms are in a terrible condition. For 200 students and the teachers there are only two open and two enclosed toilets available. The washing facility is spring-fed. There is no warm water.
thumb Baradi DSC06660
About 150 m away from the main school buildings, the local community is setting up three more buildings and a simple sports ground. One building has already been finished. As soon as the new rest rooms have been finished, two classes will move out of the old buildings and into the new ones. The planned third building (which was intended as office and library) currently consists only of some outer walls. Constructions had been stopped after the community ran out of money.

So far construction works had been financed by students’ dancing and singing appearances at different festivals. Parents and other members of the local community added something by collaboration and selling of agricultural products.

Medihimal’s intention is to renovate all existing school buidlings and enable the community to finish all ongoing construction works on the new buildings. Since the kids are not being provided with any food during the school day but have to walk for hours to get to school and back, medihimal will also help to set up and maintain a school kitchen. Therefore a seperate buidling has to be constructed, which will function both as kitchen and as storage room for groceries.


Donations are needed to finish the project in time. Any amount is more than welcome and invested in the project without any deductions. Thank you!

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